Polarity Puzzles privacy policy

Polarity Puzzles is a game developed and released by Second Tech AB. This document describes what data may be collected when you use Polarity Puzzles and for what purpose this data is collected.

What data we collect
Second Tech AB does not collect any personal data directly through Polarity Puzzles. However, trusted third party services are used to collect data required to perform purchases and provide usage statistics. This information may include various unique identifiers such as IDFV, Mac Address, IP, app ID. For more information, see the "list of privacy policies for third party services" below for links to privacy policies detailing what data is collected by these services.

Legal basis for collecting data
To use the application the user must first accept the privacy policy.

List of privacy policies for third party services
Google Play Services
Firebase Analytics

User rights
Second Tech AB does not itself collect or store any personal information. However, you can manage the personal information collected by third parties by clicking the button "Open Privacy Data Page" at the bottom right of the intro screen.

Access to sensitive services
Polarity Puzzles requires access to the device storage to save progress.

Change of privacy policy
Possible updates to the privacy policy will be anounced through application updates.

Effective date of privacy policy
This is the Polarity Puzzles privacy policy 1.0, effective as of the 30th of January 2021.